Diary of a Browsergame: Working Title

I’ve been tossing around an idea for a browsergame lately, that I don’t think has been done before. It’s basically a MUD, with the exception that it’s inside of your browser and doesn’t involve any extra downloads(or telnet).

The game is based around exploring – you, as a user, are exploring an area. I’m not entirely sure what the area will be yet – whether it’s a dungeon, or a forest, or a town. But I do know that I want to have items, spells, buffs, monsters, and shopkeepers.

I’ve been sketching out a lot of the ideas for this game – building the design document that I mentioned earlier. Once that’s finished, I’m going to start building the game.

When it comes to languages, I’ve decided that I will be using Perl. I’ll be using the CGI module for web interactivity, and DBI for database access. I’m also going to use HTML::Template for my templating needs.

Over the course of development, I’ll keep writing these “Diary of a Browsergame” posts – to try and give you an insight into the process that I personally follow when building something, along with letting you take a look at some code samples and what the finished project turns out like. If you’re thinking of building your own game, why not use my approach as an example to help you get started?

Remember, however, that my personal approach might not be the best approach for you in particular. It’s important that you find the approach that works best for you, and use that – instead of blindly following someone else’s. So if there’s anything I do that doesn’t make sense to you or you think to yourself “it would be better this way” – do it that way for your game! Your approach doesn’t really matter, as long as you’ve got something to show for it.

Anyways, that’s the plan thus far. So far, all I’ve done is choose a language – the next thing on the list is finishing up the design document, and designing the database.

Wish there was more?

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Thursday, May 1st, 2008 design, diaryofabrowsergame, workingtitle
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