Diary of a Browsergame: Design 1.0

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Working Title – life seems to always get busy right when you start something. But I’ve slowly managed to compile Working Title’s design document to a state that I can comfortably call ‘1.0′.

Is it complete? Not really. Does it at least have the bare minimum for what I want to have in version 1.0? Yes. What that means is that I can skip forward to implementation – using that design document, I’ve got the basics of the game sketched out, and everything that I’ll need to build.

Working Title’s design document is a little bit fluid right now – while it’s version 1.0, there may or may not be a couple of minor features added, or a little bit more descriptive content. If anything else does get added, you’ll be able to see it by visiting http://buildingbrowsergames.com/workingtitle/design/list.html, where I’ll be listing all of Working Title’s design documents, named according to their version(right now, there’s only version 1.0 in there).

With that being said, development on Working Title can now begin – so hopefully soon I’ll have a little more to show off. Because Working Title is going to be a stab at making a real game and not simply a tutorial, I won’t be releasing all of the code for it – just little bits and pieces that I personally find interesting. Any code from Working Title that is released is released into the public domain, and you are free to use it – but I won’t be holding your hand and walking you through it, chances are. You’ll be on your own.

So go check out the design document, and take a peek at what Working Title is going to be!

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Thursday, June 26th, 2008 design, diaryofabrowsergame, workingtitle
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