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One of the questions that I seem to get asked most about building a browsergame is “how do I make things happen periodically?”.

The answer is actually very simple, and lies with a utility that comes on all Linux servers called cron.

Cron exists to run periodic, scheduled tasks for you – based on a file called a “crontab”. You can run any command you want at any time that you want using cron.

In order to edit your crontab, get access to the console of your webserver and type the following command:

crontab -e

If your server doesn’t have any cronjobs currently in place, you’ll just see an empty file. We will be editing this file to make things happen periodically.

The first five columns in your crontab correspond to measurements of time; the sixth column is the command to run. The time columns are for the hour, minute, day of the month, month, and day of week to run the command on. Here’s what a command that runs every day at 3:30 AM might look like:

30 3 * * * echo "ran cron at 3:30 AM" > /var/log/misc/crons.log

If you wanted to make something happen periodically in your game, you would just need to write the code for whatever you wanted to have happen periodically, and then write a cronjob to call it with the proper parameters.

You can also configure cronjobs to run in shorter intervals, or even at multiple intervals:

0 */3 * * * echo "this cronjob runs every 3 hours"

The above cronjob will run every 3 hours – and the one below will run only once a month:

0 0 1 * * echo "this cronjob runs every 3 hours"

If you don’t have access to your server’s command line to play around with cron, try talking to your webhost or investigating your control panel if you have one – in most cases, webhosts that won’t allow you command-line access will still allow you to create your own crontabs.

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008 cron, tutorial
  • While crons are a good way to do such a task, they aren't the best solution. For a game with a large DB a cron can take too long to cycle through the DB.

    Classic example is TornCity. Their crons (when they were using crons) would take so long that it could take up to a day for a player to get a single update which was to occur every 15 minutes.

    Instead a better solution would be the "on-view" event in my opinion. We have discussed this solution on my blog, and it seems to be the best solution.

    The basic idea is that fields aren't updated till they have to been updated. So if I were to attacking someone, their info would be updated before the attack was made.

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