Diary of a Browsergame: Planning out the templates

Now that I’ve set up my database, it’s time to settle on a templating system, and decide on how I want my templates to work.

Working Title only has a few pages that will need to be displayed – according to Design 1.0, there are a total of 7 – Home, Design Document, Register, Login, Logout, Codex, and Play. This will make developing the templates very easy, as there are only a few that I need to build.

I’m going to use HTML::Template for my templating system, just like we have been in our Perl-based browsergame tutorial. However, my templating setup will be slightly different; I am planning on nesting two templates within each other. I’ll have a simple outer template which defines some of the global styles for all of the pages, and then another inner template that is populated with the information unique to the page(this is an example of applying DRY to my templates).

To that end, I’ve whipped up a quick outer template for Working Title, that will(for the moment) do what I need it to. There isn’t much to it, but you can take a look at it here.

Is it a rough template? Yes. Will it change before Working title is done? Probably. But it’s enough to get me up and running, and free up my time to work on developing the rest of the game, instead of just working on the template.

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 design, diaryofabrowsergame, templates, workingtitle
  • Well, it's possible that the inside content will have columns to it - but at least for now, nothing will have columns if it doesn't need it.

  • No left or right columns?

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