Diary a Browsergame: building prototypes

As discussed in Working Title’s design document, we are going to be using Ajax to dynamically update the screen. Ideally, it will look as if a user has entered an IRC chat-room – except instead of chatting, they’ll be playing a game.

I always like to prototype my projects before I start them – I start with the template, and then start building quick mockups of functionality I plan to have. Usually, the code that I used to build my prototype can be cleaned up and used to build whatever I’m building anyways, so I’m still writing code towards my goal – with the benefit of having something to show for it a little faster.

With that in mind, I set out to build a simple tester page that shows off some of the Javascript that will be behind Working Title’s ‘play’ page – while it doesn’t do any posting back, it demonstrates what the functionality is supposed to look and feel like(albeit a little faster than it would be in the actual game). Here’s the Working Title test page, which will let you see how I’m planning on having the game behave.

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Friday, August 1st, 2008 code, diaryofabrowsergame, javascript
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