Important Design Choices: Made!

Now that two weeks have passed since our poll, it’s time to review what you all chose.

  • Should there be usable items in our game?

    The answer to this one was an overwhelming ‘yes’ – so much so that there wasn’t a single vote for no. The option ‘yes – consumables that perform actions on the player’ was what you all chose, with over double the number of votes as the other ‘yes’ option. We’ll be investigating how to design something like this soon.

  • How many weapons should a player be allowed to carry?

    Players are going to get to carry two weapons – of either type. Which means they could have one sword, one crossbow, or two crossbows, or two swords, or any other mixture.

  • How many armor slots should there be?

    Apparently you all like having lots of armor options – the winner by a majority of votes was “Five – head, torso, legs, right arm, left arm”. At the moment, I’m thinking that this will be implemented using our stats system – but if you have another idea on how to accomplish it, let me know in the comments!

And that’s how you all voted! The votes are closed now, so that we can get to building these features – tomorrow, we’ll look at starting to plan out and build these new game features.

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Monday, August 4th, 2008 buildingbrowsergames
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