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Lately, a few of you have gotten in contact with me wondering what the credentials were to log in to the game we’ve been building for our tutorial. There aren’t actually any credentials – you sign up and log in with whatever credentials you choose.

The registration page is here for the PHP version, and here for the Perl version. The login page is at for the PHP login page, and for the Perl login page.

I’ve also customized the templates for the login/registration pages, so that it’s a little easier to move between them – and you can now access the tutorial game in it’s current state at

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 buildingbrowsergames
  • Hi qqwy,

    Thanks for pointing that out! The first issue is because I used only the '>' character in the conditional statement, and has now been fixed.

    At the moment, we haven't integrated weapons into our combat system yet - but very soon!

  • qqwy

    also, you can only buy a weapon if you have móre money as the price. so for example: if I want to buy the dagger, that costs me 10 gold. But I can only buy it if I have 11 or more gold.
    Also, the weapons doesnt make any sense in battling monsters.

  • Whoops - looks like I missed a link on the weapon shop's template. I'll have to go fix that.

    In regards to the's a balancing issue. We're going to be doing some work on the combat system fairly soon, and I will probably come back to it then.

  • lol, I attack some animal and did no damage, and still I won! :P. In the weapon shop there is no link to "main".

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