Ask the readers: what’s holding you back?

Are you working on building a browsergame? Have you got all your ideas carefully sketched out and organized, so that you know exactly what to build? Have you designed your game’s database properly? Figured out what makes your game unique? Started?

It might sound surprising, but a lot of the great ideas out there never start. They get planned and planned to death, and there are dozens of ideas on how to build them, but they never actually get implemented.

Are you having this problem? What’s holding you back? Is it a lack of time? A problem making some sort of difficult decision? Trouble making up your mind in regards to a certain approach or language? A lack of resources?

What’s holding you back from building your own browsergame? Why haven’t you started?

Building Browsergames exists to try and help people who are interested in building a browsergame, but aren’t sure what step to take next – and that means that we’d like to help you as much as we can towards your goal. Send an e-mail to and tell us: what’s holding you back?

Wish there was more?

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Luke is the primary editor of Building Browsergames, and has written a large portion of the articles that you read here. He generally has no idea what to say when asked to write about himself in the third person.

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 askthereaders, gettingstarted, motivation, productivity
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