It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

I was recently contacted by a developer who was in the midst of preparing to build a PBBG framework, and wanted me to announce it for him. The content that he gave me for his initial announcement consisted of a list of 23 features he was planning to include, along with an invitation to contribute.

Now, let me be clear here: I have no problems writing about the cool new thing you just built. In fact, I did just that for cool javascript starmap system from a few months back.

The difference between those projects and the PBBG framework I was contacted about is…they exist. I can play with them, I can link people to them, and I can talk about what it feels like to use them. With a project that’s still just a few ideas in a quick e-mail, I can’t do that – and I won’t.

Please, please, show me your projects and your games! But don’t show them to me before they’re actually “out there” (or at least in beta) – because if I can’t play with it, I won’t write about it.

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Luke is the primary editor of Building Browsergames, and has written a large portion of the articles that you read here. He generally has no idea what to say when asked to write about himself in the third person.

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Thursday, November 6th, 2008 advertising
  • Sounds about right. Vaporware is a problem with every type of programming, not just PBBG.

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