Fleshing out Rawrmy

This week was spent trying to flesh out more of Rawrmy. While most of the systems in the game are built and in place, the game is currently extremely short – in order for it to be a serious contender at all, it will need to have a lot more content.

With that in mind, I have been working to build something like a quests system into Rawrmy – essentially, there is a large over-arching storyline with the player is part of(sort of like Kingdom of Loathing, although nowhere near as developered). Unfortunately, it turns out that designing a flexible quests system is a lot of work – and as a result, while there are quests in place, I have had to build them in a much more rigid form than I would have liked to. Essentially, I have created an enum of the different steps in the story, and I am storing which step of the story the player is on in my User Profile model:

class STORY:
	story_step       = models.IntegerField(max_length=25,default=STORY.STARTING)

Checking which step of the story the player is on is then done by our view:

if profile.story_step == STORY.STARTING:
	profile.story_step += 1
	return area_template(request,'couch','starting.html')

While this works, it’s not quite what I like – but the deadline for the contest is looming, and I will not have time to rewrite how the quests system works.

At any rate, progress is slowly being made – while I have had to strip out a lot of the features I would have liked to have, I should at least have the beginnings of the game playable by the deadline.

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Monday, December 1st, 2008 diaryofabrowsergame
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