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Since the beginning, Building Browsergames has attempted to focus on equipping developers who are interested in building their own browsergames with the tools that they need to do that – and succeed. One of those tools is good advice – which can only be gathered by having developers who have already been ‘in the trenches’ with their own games write about their experiences.

In order to gather that advice, I’ve been e-mailing owners and administrators of games – trying to gather their opinions and thoughts so that I can share them with you. However, it has been difficult to pick which games to approach – what makes one game better than another? What makes one game developer more qualified to offer advice than another?

Answering those questions and deciding which games to approach is pretty difficult – and while I think I’ve made some decent choices on who to approach and who not to, I’m sure that there are game owners that people would like me to approach that I haven’t even heard of.

Whose advice would you be interested in hearing? Which games would you be interested in having me approach for post-mortems? Which game developers would you like to hear thoughts from? Send me an e-mail at buildingbrowsergames@gmail.com, or leave your thoughts in the comments. I promise that for each game or developer mentioned, I will do my best to see if they would be interested in sharing something with Building Browsergames – whether it’s an interview, an article, a post-mortem, or something entirely different.

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008 askthereaders
  • Some balancing techniques? that would be very interesting

  • nebeldrache

    i am very sure they speak english! Otherwise i can try to talk to them if you don't mind

  • Sure - I'll see what I can manage, and get in touch with you if I need more

  • nebeldrache

    i would like to hear more about that guy who made rawmy ;)
    Actually the obove named are pretty good.
    There is a german project which i am pretty interestet in. They made a browsergame build on the rules of a german pen and paper game...Das schwarze auge. But they lost the right to do that so in between a few weeks they build thier own world with the help of the users.
    the url is antamar.org ...i really would like to hear something from them

  • I am sure you'll learn more about me as time passes. :)
    I'm afraid the only language I speak is english, so I may not have much luck
    talking to german developers - but I will see what I can do.

  • jannesiera

    Mhm... that's a hard one. Well, travian and Tribal Wars / The West (their new game) developers. Neopets, Ogame, Urban Rivals, Gaia online, ... That are some big ones which would be intresting to hear from. Me in particular want to hear from the makers off Renaissance Kingdoms and Plaza Challenge.

    I would like some general stuff, but also some more concrete techniques. ( how some features are build, a specific balancing technique, ... )

  • codestryke of bbgamezone for sure, seems to me a very experienced developer/creator

  • jannesiera

    I think every opinion has it's value. Every developer has something of value ti add. So I don't quite understand what you are asking, I want to hear from as many developers as possible!

  • That's true - I guess in that case, I'm wondering which developers you'd
    like to hear from first. :)

  • I'd love to hear from the Travian folks. Their event resolution would be fascinating.

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