Interview: Formulawan

I was recently contacted by the developer of Formulawan, a new racing strategy browsergame. He agreed to respond to some interview questions:

Tell us a little bit about Formulawan.

Formulawan is a sport manager browsergame about Formula One. It is a marriage of racing and strategy. Players enjoy running exciting races, but they also love to develop their team and think about the next step of their game plan.

Every player manages his own F1 team. You hire drivers and buy cars, construct special buildings and build your own equipement. It is possible to tune up your cars, to recruit staff like managers, nurses, mechanics…Players can join normal league races, take part in championships during a whole week or organize their own friendly race. As you can see, there are lot of possibilities and there is something to suit every taste…

This game has been existing for more than two years in French, and now, an English server is available since two month as well as a German Server since two weeks. A Spanish version is coming soon too…

What programming language(s) did you use to build Formulawan?

HTML, PHP and Flash.

Was Formulawan built by a team, or a single developer? How long did it take?

Formulawan was built by a single developper and it took about two years to develop the whole game. Even if the game has been improve for the very start until today ! It was his first game, and a huge project for a single man. But concerning the flash animations and the graphic design, it’s the work of Motion Twin, Formulawan’s partner.

Were there any parts of Formulawan that took longer than expected? What were they?

Yes, after the start of Formulawan, there were lots of bugs and I didn’t think that it would take all my time during months to fix them…It took two years to have a stable website !

Did you do any marketing for Formulawan, or just rely on word of mouth? If you *did* do marketing – what did you do?

On the French Server, few things were done about marketing because the developper was already very busy with the game itself. It took lot of time before Formulawan made itself known. But from the moment when the partner of Formulawan, Motion Twin, put an ad on its website, things were different. More logs, more players ! A person is in charge of the marketing for the English and German Servers, but that’s quite new…so we will wait and see !

What plans do you have for Formulawan, going forward?

Well, as Formulawan has been launched in English and German, we can expect a Spanish server in the next weeks, and, why not…a lot of other multilingual servers in future…And Formulawan will also have new updates, as well as new tracks and even a new special game mode !

If you could give any advice to aspiring developers, what would it be?

You need a lot of courage, investment and passion to create such a game, especially when it is your first one ! You need abilities, but this isn’t the most important thing. It takes a very long time and you must have the opportunity to do this…It is very, very restrictive, but it’s also a priceless pleasure to see other people playing your game ! I would encourage all enthousiasts to create their game but not alone if possible!

Wish there was more?

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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 interview
  • Formulawan is best game to play and i have used many times and it is best game in the categories of f1 race.

  • JupeTeam

    Formulawan tambien disponible en español en
    El mejor juego de formula 1
    a disfrutarlo

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