The Tutorial List

Alright, it looks like the people have spoken! Here’s the full list of requested tutorials:

  • Building a structured voting system(with voting rewards)
  • Adding in-game chat to your game
  • Creating an invitation-based registration system
  • Using alternate authentication APIs(facebook connect, opensocial connect, twitter auth)
  • Building a quest-based game
  • Push content(orbited, comet, etc.)
  • Scaling your game
  • Using document-oriented databases in your game(couchdb, mongodb, etc.)
  • Allowing players to set stats(assign skillpoints)
  • Achievements
  • Building a backend administration area for your game
  • How to prevent users from editing another user’s information(validation)
  • Adding alliances to a game
  • Marketing your game
  • Detecting and preventing cheating in your game
  • Adding validation to your game
  • Adding voting reward support to your game
  • Building a territory map that auto-updates

If there are any other tutorials you’d like to see(or you’re interested in writing one yourself), send me an e-mail at, or just comment on this post.

Wish there was more?

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Monday, November 30th, 2009 site
  • Would really like to see some AJAX tutorials! Would certainly work for real time chat...

  • Some AJAX tutorials? I can't really write a tutorial about Ajax itself, but
    I'd be happy to show you how to do certain things with it(as long as you can
    tell me what they are).

  • micster

    Hooray for tutorials! Can't wait to catch'em all!

  • You pretty much got all the important points listed, so ... good luck from me, I am REALLY in-pacient to see you're masterpiece :D !

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