Thursday Press Release: Fanta Trade

Hey, game creators – Building Browsergames is starting a new initiative called “Press Release Thursdays” – if you’ve got a new game that’s just getting out there, send us your press release and we’ll publish it!

To start things off, I have a release from Fanta-Trade, a stock market simulation game:

Fanta Trade is a browsergame where users are given 100,000 (fanta) euros to invest when they sign up – in stocks, commodities, currencies, warrants – almost everything you can imagine. One of the nice things about Fanta Trade is that stock names and prices are real – so you can become a successful stock trader (or lose it all) without taking any risks in real life. You can also find some elements typical to most browsergames within Fanta Trade: teams, rankings, and a forum in which the best players can be found providing their own take on the market.

Fanta-Trade is a good game for anyone who has an interest in learning how the world of finance works – or for anyone who wants to face a different kind of competition than “send your soldiers to the enemy’s village”.

Fanta-Trade’s sophisticated simulation engine works well, and has succeeded in transforming something as complicated as investing in the stock market into something easy and enjoyable for all – especially those who don’t know how the market works. And if you get stuck, the vibrant community is always providing tips for the game – all users can open their own financial blog and start writing their own market analyses, so you can even start dispensing your own advice if you so choose.

Fanta-Trade was created in Italy, so most of the players are Italian – but it has also been translated into English. You can check it out at

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Thursday, February 4th, 2010 code
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