If you’ve been following along with our tutorial at all, you may have noticed that our code files tend to…evolve over time. Templates go from being simple list-of-links affairs to being filled with loops and conditionals and all kinds of other goodies.

Thankfully, the codebase for the tutorials is under source control. You can view the project at, and you can check out the latest version of the entire tutorial’s codebase by issuing this command:

svn checkout building-browsergames-tutorial-read-only

Which will retrieve the latest version(in all languages) and store it into a directory called building-browsergames-tutorial-read-only. If you’d like to check out the latest version of the code for a specific language, you can use this command:

svn checkout buildingbrowsergames-tutorial-read-only

..Where ‘language’ is one of the languages that the tutorial has been implemented in(currently, ‘perl’, ‘php’, and ‘rubyonrails’ are available).

You can also update the code if you retrieved the latest copy and then new changes are committed by running the svn update command:

svn update

Don’t know what Subversion is, or how to use it on your system? Take a look at this introduction to Subversion screencast to learn more.

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